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by Mister El-Are

Here are some of the songs from my album. To purchase the full albumvisit iTunes, or the Mind Your Music store to purchase a CD with all of these songs and more. "Type Invisible" features Tarik Holder and Kimani Rogers (The Masterminds) on the chorus and the beat is by my man Tedd Boyd, who was a student in a fifth grade class I taught in 2004. It is about the book Invisible Man by Ralph Waldo Ellison. "her (Let me Tell You)" features Christine Eck and is produced by Batsauce. It is about Curley's wife from Of Mice and Men and explores the way she is perceived versus the way she sees herself. "Of Course the Course" is my lyrical analysis of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Batsauce made this banging beat! "Love was Atticus" is my lyrical analysis of the theme of love in To Kill a Mockingbird and of Atticus as a character. Kimani Rogers produced it, Justin Eck plays the guitar and the wurlitzer, and Christine Eck sings the chorus.