This song by Mister El-Are, featuring Akrobatik, Tarik Holder, and Kimani Rogers, seeks to bring to life the beliefs and deeds of four men who engaged in action to bring about freedom for enslaved people. Denmark Vesey, Cato (Jemmy), Nat Turner, and John Brown each make an appearance on this track. Please listen and be inspired to learn more.

Produced by: Batsauce

Lyrics by: Mister El-Are, Akrobatik, and the Masterminds (Kimani Rogers and Tarik Holder)

From the Album: Searching for Paradise, Got Lost on the Way

The painting of Denmark Vesey that appears in the video is by Michael Perelman (Thanks, Michael!)


Here is a video of me performing "A God Fearing Man in a God Barren Land" live at the Parlor Room.

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"The Descendants of Cain", focuses on the theme of loneliness and solitude as expressed in Of Mice and Men and highlights many of the allusions that Steinbeck uses to contribute to the complexity of his power-packed novella. When I teach this book, I focus on Steinbeck's use of literary devices to make the impact of his storytelling more powerful.
"Love Was Atticus" is a video for Mister El-Are's original song about the theme of empathic love as expressed in Harper Lee's classic book To Kill a Mockingbird. This song is perfect to use before and/or after reading To Kill a Mockingbird.

This is me talking about my project and some concert footage.